DFRS 2023 FREE Summer Camp | Discover the Benefits of Academic Summer Camp: Enroll Your Child Today!

Delaware Family Restoration Services, in partnership with the Governor’s Office and United Way of Delaware, is thrilled to announce a FREE summer camp that promises an enriching experience for your child. Our foremost goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children enhance their academic skills and foster meaningful interactions with their peers. With a dedicated team of counselors and state-of-the-art online learning tools, our camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to thrive and overcome any learning loss they may have encountered.

Why Choose Our Summer Camp?

  1. Academic Support: Our summer camp focuses on helping children bridge the learning gap and prevent academic regression. Our experienced instructors provide personalized attention and support to address each child’s unique learning needs. By offering assistance with schoolwork, we ensure that your child remains engaged and motivated, leading to improved academic performance.
  2. Skill Enhancement: Alongside academic support, we offer an array of engaging activities designed to enhance your child’s skills in various areas. From arts and crafts to music and sports, our diverse curriculum encourages exploration, creativity, and the development of well-rounded abilities. By offering a holistic learning experience, we ensure that your child gains valuable skills beyond the classroom.
  3. Peer Interaction: Our summer camp fosters a supportive and inclusive community where children can interact and engage with their peers. Through collaborative projects, team-building activities, and group discussions, your child will develop vital social skills such as communication, teamwork, and empathy. These interactions contribute to building lifelong friendships and creating lasting memories.

Benefits of Academic Summer Camp:

  • Preventing Learning Loss: Research has shown that children often experience learning loss during extended breaks from school. Our summer camp effectively combats this issue by providing consistent educational support, preventing regression, and helping children retain the knowledge they gained during the academic year.
  • Boosting Confidence: By receiving individualized attention and successfully completing tasks, children gain confidence in their abilities. Our summer camp creates an environment where children can overcome challenges, celebrate achievements, and develop a positive mindset towards learning.
  • Discovering Passion and Talents: Through a diverse range of activities and exposure to new experiences, children have the opportunity to explore different subjects and hobbies. This exposure helps them uncover their passions and talents, potentially guiding their future academic and career choices.
  • Bridging the Gap: Our camp acts as a bridge between grade levels, preparing children for the upcoming academic year. By offering targeted instruction and filling in any knowledge gaps, we ensure a smoother transition for your child, boosting their readiness and ensuring academic success.

Registration Details:

To enroll your child in our FREE summer camp, simply fill out the registration form in its entirety. If you have any questions or require further information, a member of our dedicated team will be happy to assist you. We are conveniently located at the One Village Alliance Building (31 W. 31st Street, Wilmington, DE) and 430 New Castle Avenue Dover, DE 19901. Camp hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, with any closures communicated well in advance.

Delaware Family Restoration Services, in collaboration with the Governor’s Office and United Way of Delaware, invites you to join our FREE summer camp. Together, let’s provide your child with an exceptional summer experience where they can excel academically, develop essential skills, and forge meaningful friendships. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to prevent learning loss and set your child on a path to success. Enroll your child today and witness their growth and confidence soar!

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